21 Ways To Build A Meaningful Legacy

  1. Choose serving over being served
  2. Step outside yourself and into others
  3. Actively seek excellence in all things you do
  4. Show the world something it has never seen before
  5. Be a trend setter
  6. Add value to the lives of others
  7. Engage people who challenge you rather than affirm you
  8. Systematically stretch yourself
  9. Step outside your comfort zone
  10. Surround yourself with extraordinary people
  11. Maximize your strengths
  12. Be a life long learner
  13. Master relationship skills
  14. Elevate the needs of others over your own
  15. Be a ‘positive difference’ maker
  16. Constantly focus on what’s most important
  17. Be a servant leader
  18. Listen to learn
  19. Be an authentic role model
  20. Treat people with dignity
  21. Help others be more than they think they can be