62 Things To Know & Ask When Interviewing For A New Job

When you interview for a job, the interview must be interactive—they question you–you question them–whoever asks the best questions wins

Always enter an interview with a list of pre-scripted questions that you will ask during the interview!

Strategic interview question: Can I get in writing a list of your expectations of me as a coach & what you’ll consider success or failure?

Be sure you know who will be on the interview committee and do a background check on each person!

Be certain to have at least one question for every person on the interview committee!

Other than the previous coaches win & loss record what were some concerns that you had with him/her??

How would you rank the schools facilities among the other teams in the conference??

What are five things that it is imperative that the new coach focus on immediately? WHY?

What are the five most important characteristics you value in your coach??

#1 objective in the interview is to tell a compelling story as to why you should be the coach & then what unique values you bring to the program!

Graduation rates over the last five years where does the school rank within the conference?

In your opinion what are the 4 or 5 biggest challenges confronting this program?

Will I be given adequate amount of time to make the necessary corrections? What do you believe is a reasonable time table to achieve this?

Do you know if all returning players are academically eligible for participation?

Next to winning and graduating players what’s the most important consideration from your perspective??

Where does the program’s budget stand overall in the conference??

Very few coaches go into an interview process with an aggressive mentality, most go with their hat in their hand!

Halfway through the interview process you should be able to establish that you’re either interviewing for a ‘great’ job or a ‘bad’ job!

NEVER take a job where you have less than the 70% chance to excel!

Never take a job because it’s an opportunity to be a head coach, this mentality is a death trap! You’re likely be fired within 4yrs!

When you walk into a room for the interview be sure to walk up to each person in the room introduce yourself & give them your business card!

Open the interview process w/ a short statement about why you want the job & what unique value you will bring to the job!(MAX 60 sec intro)

The best interviews are ‘WOW’ interviews!!!

At the end of the interview make sure there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind who you are, what you’re about & what you’re capable of achieving!

When you walk out of the interview room you want people saying that was the best coach’s interview we’ve had in ages!!

At the end of the interview process the mental thought of the selection committee must be ‘THIS is our guy’

Do you know under what conditions you would accept the job and what conditions you would reject the job??

Question to ask yourself, are you running toward a job or away from a job?

Question — “Are you looking for a job or a career?”

Are you really qualified and ready to be a head coach or do you just think you are?

When you get a HC job you must wear multiple hats: leader, teacher, mentor, role model, problem solver, miracle worker, purveyor of hope!

Remember you are always six months away from being fired!

REALITY: Coaching is all about what have you done for me lately?

REALITY: If most AD’s gave the coach they fired what they gave the coach that they hired they would’ve never had to fire the 1st coach!

REALITY: A coaches death trap is a new athletic director & a new president, be certain not to invest in a new home! Update your resume!

Have you heard about the coach who had 5yrs of 100% grad rates, no violations, no character problems w/ the players & was fired for losing?

Very few coaches understand the vital importance of the contents of their contracts, well worded ones can make it difficult to fire you!

95% of all coaches contracts greatly favor the institution over the coach!!!

A coach who enters contract negotiations without professional representation is a FOOL!!!

During the interview process your demeanor must be relaxed positive body language, strong eye contact, hi energy & enthusiasm, confident!

97% of the people sitting around the interview table are not experts on the game, you’re the expert conduct yourself in that manner!!

What does it tell you when no one on the selection committee has ever played the game?? Educate the uneducated!!!

Research the selection committee & find out how many ever played competitively! That will tell you how you must customize your interview!

All interview committee’s will have 2 types of people: those who really count & those who think they count! Make sure you know who is who!

Your ultimate goal: WIN the interview!!

90% of coaches who interview for a job have average interview skills at best, how do you become above-average? That’s the $64,000 question!

REALITY: There are few high quality coaching jobs in collegiate athletics. Anyone can get a coaching job but can you get a high quality job?

Do you want to COACH or MAKE MONEY??

There’s a HUGE difference!

If you think your only responsibility is to coach the team you are delusional!!

In any interview you engage in you must be the BEST prepared person in the room!

NEVER mention salary during an interview!

What will be your answer if they ask you why do you want this job or why should we hire you?

Great question to ask during the interview: “Why do you think this is such a great job?”

BEWARE of the job that you take and you go to the equipment room shortly after accepting the job and they only have 10 basketballs!!

It’s amazing how many coaches interview for a job & never
send a handwritten thank you to everybody on the committee after the interview!

Other than the fact that many athletic directors are the boss what really qualifies them to hire a coach?? Thus enters the search firms!

ADs are no longer hiring coaches, they’re hiring servant leaders! Individuals who can take a program from where it is to where it should be!

Do you want a head coaching job so bad that you would travel across the country and pay your own expenses to do the interview?

How many losses am I willing to put on my career record to get a program started in a winning direction?

Once you get a head coaching job you must immediately create a strategic survival plan to keep the job for a long period of time!!

Write down 10 significant reasons why an AD should interview you for a job and hire you, then ask yourself how compelling are these?