What Keeps Coaches Awake At Night

What Keeps Coaches Awake At Night

Winning/Losing Depression Crisis Management Game Preperation Job Security Self-imposed stress Late night phone calls Criticism Academic accountabilities Lack of administrative support Personal insecurities Player performance/behavior Recruiting Disloyalty Player/Parents/Influencers Fear of the unknown Social media Decision making The unexpected System of play Players’ social life Unrealistic expectations Hand held devices (phones)

44 Minutes?…. C’mon now!!

44 Minutes?…. C’mon now!!

As everyone probably knows, the NBA experimented with a 44 minute, (4, 11 minute quarters) game this past Sunday when The Nets played the Celtics in Brooklyn. The experimental game ended in a time of 1 hour and 58 minutes, approximately 15-20 minutes shorter than an average 48 minute NBA game. OK, Mr. Silver, the […]

We Owe Them Our Best

They come in every variety. Some swagger to hide their fears. Some are full of hesitation and their self-doubt is written in their every gesture. Some are loud and their speech says the world is their turf, just for them. You can barely hear some, suddenly they seem limited to a whisper. Some wear the […]

Calipari’s Combine Continues To Innovate

LEXINGTON, Ky.– College basketball was invented by Dr. James Naismith and has been played for over 100 years. If Naismith was the founder, Kentucky coach John Calipari is the marketing guru who is putting his stamp on the sport’s second century by implementing creative ideas designed to keep his program in the forefront of the […]

5 Effective Drills At Helping Players Improve

I’ve had the opportunity to work with and observe a bunch of great basketball coaches over the years, and it’s always fun to learn new drills and new ways to teach and run old drills as well. Today, I wanted to share 5 unusual drills that I’ve personally only seen a very small number of […]

21 Things Coaches Should Do

21 Things Coaches Should Do

Resist the pressure to conform Keep it simple Be an inspiration to others Put the fun back into the game Listen more… Talk less Surround yourself with people who will challenge you Embrace the digital revolution Be fearless Abandon the unnecessary Be original… Be daring Be receptive to change Develop fresh perspectives for the game […]

100 Possessions

An NBA game averages right around 100 possessions per game. In talking with several coaches lately, they want to know approximately how that breaks down into called plays, ATO’s, and “just play”. Between 25-30 possessions a game will be “ATO’s”, (after time outs), “EOG”, (end of game) or any situation where you have a chance […]

Ideas To Maintain Team Morale

Sometimes, as coaches, we under-focus on team morale. Morale can be a key contributor to a team’s success in terms of wins and losses, as it’s common for demoralized people to perform less than optimally- but the biggest reason why coaches should focus on building and maintaining high morale is the impact it has on […]

The New Buzzword “Culture”

The new buzzword in sports is “culture” and even more now after the San Antonio Spurs won their 5th NBA Championship in three separate decades with the same Head Coach are now more than ever… the model franchise. No other team in the four major professional sports have a better winning percentage than the Spurs […]

Basketball and The Middle Kingdom…

Among all the countries of the world, only three can claim that basketball is their most popular sport. Before reading on, take a moment to think if you can name them……………OK? The Philippines, Lithuania, and China. In a country of 1.4 billion people, 300 million, roughly the population of the U.S., play basketball in China. […]

Observations on Player Development Trends

This article mostly applies to private skills coaches and college coaches. Having never worked in the NBA and having only watched an NBA workout or practice a very small number of times, I’m not qualified to speak about player development at that level. And high school coaches are often in situations where it’s 25+ kids […]

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