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Think I’ll win,that’s the plan as I’m focused, I know I can for “will is the magnet” “may the force be with you” YOU have the “power” to make Dreams



We’re all in the running Each with a different quest The challenge of winning Inspires us to do our best We carry the torch of sharing a prayer for all


Listen, Learn

That statement is “true” It applies not just to “others” But also to you When Coach says “be patient, concise It should be “Incumbent” upon “you” To take the advice


No Excuses

The game of “Life” Is not over yet Why make Excuses? Why do you fret? You have chances to score In this ongoing game “Win or Lose” Your Chance is the Same So give it your Best Do what you can Don’t make Excuses Just “Change” your game plan! ©2015 Kenji Williams All rights reserved


You are special Or didn’t you know Well you “really are” You’re being told so You must realize Your Special role Informing others Of what you were told That they also are Special indeed To raise “self- esteem” Of a world in need Of Peace Everlasting from “MIND SUPREME” © 2015 Kenji Williams All rights […]

Power Forward

You have the “power” To control your fate You hold the “key” To open the gate To the richness of life You so well deserve Walk straight ahead Bypass the curve Continue your journey You’re about to arrive At a state of mind On which you will thrive Maintain this position As long as you […]


A powerful unsettling word It’s resolution’s the sweetest Thing you’ve ever heard Whether at work or at play When it’s over, it makes your day Listen “objectively,” and you will see There is no “real” conflict Between You and Me Just a “difference of Opinion” And that’s Ok Release your “frustration” Toss it away Get […]

Hoop Dream

Keep your dreams Alive hope For the best,focus and time Will ensure the rest,your life’s Progressive you’re learning Some skills while preparing Yourself for those inevitable Spills,Dreams do come true So go with the flow they will Arrive ” right on time” Neither ” too fast or slow ” If you don’t get what you […]

Spiritual Evolution

The evolving human spirit, “Such as the likes of me” Seeks a “Lasting Freedom” up from Poverty The Only thing I’ll limit, is doubt within my soul I’ll continue to “Refute It” while striving to reach my goal The “Poverty” of mention Is Not the lack of wealth But decline of one’s own morals Which […]

Go For The Goal

Go for the goal give it your best shot Winner You Are, Loser You’re Not You’re better now than you were before, dribbling with intensity as you run the floor, swerving with Purpose As you take to the air You look around there’s no one There, you ” slam the ball” while In flight the […]


Practice makes “perfect” it’s Unquestionably true,the success You Achive depends solely Upon you, the time,the effort You put in each day, you can Rest assured there will be no Delay of that which you desire You’ve worked so hard for You ‘ve hit “one hundred ” A Perfect Score!


We’re all in the running Each with a different quest The challenge of winning Inspires us to do our best We carry the torch of sharing A prayer for all mankind Of giving and of caring As we cross the finish line Our hopes, our dreams Shine oh so bright The flame of success is […]

Where Do We Go From Here?

It’s the question of mystery Throughout man’s history But the answer’s so very easy to find, just “relax” awhile, It’ll flow through your mind. To prompt its emergence, there must be a resurgence of events gone past, of impressions that did “Last”. For what we’ve become is the result of past deeds and the kind […]

The Truth

Be true to yourself Speak truth from your heart Untruths in your life Will “Rip” you apart “Lies and Deception” will take you away To live a life of total despair You caused the problem, Should others care? No. How could they? No. Why should they? Just know this. It’s so much easier not to […]

Life Knows

Life knows “only life” It knows not of death Nor of Strife It’s “wondrous and complete” It knows not of defeat It’s “Forever Victorious” It’s seasons are Glorious” Live your life, the “Best” each day Good fortune will surely come your way Take a few moments and “Just Be Still” A small voice within will […]

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Success is to be measured not by wealth, power, or fame, but by the ratio between what a man is and what he might be. - H.G. Wells