Coaching Lessons Learned

The Conversations With Coach George Raveling Podcast returns for 2017 with Coach Rav’s longtime assistant coach Jack Fertig joining the discussions. On this first episode of the new year Jack & Coach discuss a range of topics on how coaching is vastly different today than it used to be, including how coaches are held much more accountable, the importance of interpersonal skills, winning used to be all that mattered, listening has become a vital quality of coaches, and when a coach does speak, “why” needs to be emphasized more than “how.”

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George Raveling

George Raveling

Father, husband, Coach, and a mentor to many. Formerly the Head Coach at Washington State, Iowa, and USC. A renowned speaker and a former member of the National Speakers Association, George has spoken before Congress. Currently serves as the Director of International Basketball for Nike. George’s hobbies are collecting books and friends.
George Raveling

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