Coaching Needs More Positive Testimonials


I have known Anthony Solomon for almost sixteen years (since our original stint at Notre Dame back in 2000). I have not met another person in the coaching profession that has served as a better example, confidant, MENTOR and FRIEND! In my time of knowing “Coach Slo,” he has been the consummate husband, father and professional. In fact, I have marveled at these traits much more than the ability to breakdown a 2-3 zone or to draw up a play to win a game. In the game of life, Coach Slo has his PRIORITIES IN ORDER!

Today, in an era where people are more self-absorbed than ever, Coach Solomon’s selfless work as a father, husband, friend and coach speak volumes about him. In an age where society is focused on “me” and “I,” Anthony Solomon has always been about “WE” and “US”! He has always had a high standard for himself…and always demanded the same from the players and co-workers that have been fortunate enough to work with him. One thing he has consistently done throughout his career has been to SERVE, LEARN and GROW.

As he departs Notre Dame a second time for Georgetown, some of the “Sorority Sisters (aka the “Chatty Kathy’s”) of college basketball may be scratching their heads. However, if you know “Slo” like I do, you are not surprised. You are smiling. You understand that life is a winding path that offers many choices – and in an age where many take the low road, I am proud that my MENTOR & FRIEND is again taking the high one. I applaud him for charting a new course that many will never understand. I marvel at the strength and loyalty of his family to allow him to make this move with steadfast LOVE and SUPPORT! However, if you know Tracy, Maya, Kamra and AJ…you are not surprised…YOU ALREADY KNOW! The life lessons that are being taught right now to his children will serve as a positive example and guide to the decisions they will make in the future.

To all the Georgetown fans, you are receiving a “THROWBACK” in terms of commitment, dedication and love for the game. You are adding a great coach that will DEMAND nothing but your very best on a daily basis, while building a staff that will contribute to creating a championship culture. He will be a PHENOMENAL ambassador of the “Hoya Nation.” To alums, you will be proud to associate with Anthony Solomon because of his charisma, class, and character. In essence, Georgetown is getting a CHAMPIONSHIP person in all facets of life.

Fortunately for me, I have already witnessed sixteen years of this up close and personal – and I am excited about the incredible impact that my MENTOR & FRIEND will have on your program and the many people he will lead!