Inside Coach Rav’s Head

· It would be a marvelous gesture if each of us would construct a “social contract” that we will work to do the right things.

· Research reveals that the longer girls find themselves in front of television sets the worse they feel about themselves

· Often times we love people who are threatened by our love

· Prediction: Within the next 20 years, we will have driverless automobiles.

· Passion plus knowledge leads to success.

· It concerns me that there is a noticeable absence of attentive leaders and true heroes. When I was growing up as a kid, there were an abundance of such individuals.

· Be a positive difference maker everyday.

· The people closest to us have disproportionate influence over us.

· What warms your soul?

· All of us can do better, lets focus on this achievement.

· There is a dignity to doing something well

· It’s said to say, but today we must live our lives on the defensive side.

· A friend asked me the other day “How are you living your life?” my answer was “as a compassionate human being”

· Why are so few rich people in prison, and so many poor people in prison?

· To achieve success risk is necessary

· As a youngster I believed that anyone who disagreed with me was my enemy

· Very few things I did in life primarily for money were worth it.

· I sincerely believe America needs each of us to do the right thing, perhaps now more than anytime in its history.

· Everybody wants to play on a winning team, try being a positive contribution to a losing team.

· When you are totally certain you are right, find someone who disagrees with you. Start a in depth conversation with this person.

· We have a lot more in common with individuals who appear on the surface to be different from us than most of us realize.

· Our greatest challenge is to have the courage to challenge ourselves.

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