Inside Coach Rav’s Head

· Listening is learning.

· If it is to BE, it’s up to ME.

· When we have less we often have more.

· Each of us possess a unique voice, we must create messages that compel others to listen.

· I’m determined to never allow my past to dictate my future.

· It’s taken me years to view love as a healing power.

· Having walked the earth for 75 years, I can testify that it is far better to give than receive. Believe me!

· Jeff Conley said, “The greatest discovery I’ve made is that if I were to be hit and killed by a truck today, I’d be replaced at work tomorrow. But, I’ll never be replaced at home. I’d be missed there forever. Stop giving your family the leftovers of yourself. Remind yourself that a wider path to success is out there, one that is wide enough for family, friends and fun.”

· It’s a brave soul who demonstrates a willingness to risk the unknown, to venture forth into unfamiliar territory.

· Do me a favor… wake up in the morning and feel excited… go to bed each night and feel reasonably content.

· One of life’s biggest challenges is to differentiate between what the world expects of you, and what you expect of yourself.

· The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but the things you do for others remain as your legacy.

· Everyone needs some sort of strategy for their lives. What is your blue print for living our dream?

· Success leads to the need for more.

· We usually know what to do, it just that we don’t always do it.

· Wake up every day with a curiosity and passion about what will come next.

· Stay focused on being the best of who you are.

· The biggest obstacle we face is time. Time to think. Time to learn. Time to act. How much of our lives is truly at our discretion?

· Each of us would be wise to search for patterns of behavior that may be sabotaging our efforts to be the best of who we are.

· As individuals we have to determine for ourselves how we choose to live with the mysteries of existence, the unanswered questions and life’s realities.

· Our life is what our thoughts make it.

· Human life, by its very nature has to be dedicated to something. (José Ortega y Gasset)

· My grandmother once told me, “it’s always darkest just before the sun shines.”

· We all need heroes, people we can look up to and try to be more like. Two of my heroes are John Thompson and Phil Knight.

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