Inside Coach Rav’s Head

· “Personal Advice” – Never allow your weaknesses to define you…

· I’ve learned a lot about learning…

· At the conclusion of my junior year of high school, my career dream was to become a pilot in the USA Air Force.  At this point in my life, attending college was not an option.

· During a political rally, a youngster caught my attention by way of a sign he was carrying – “Stop Selling My Future”.

· The mistakes I’ve made have taught me far more then my successes.

· Did you know in the mid-1960’s I worked for Converse?

· One way I attack problems is by breaking the problem into manageable parts.

· Every day of my life has been a constant journey of self discovery, awareness and change.

· How is it that someone can seemly judge your worth character or meaning without knowing anything about you?

· It takes courage, confidence and resolve to make difficult decisions and to test uncharted waters.

· Most questions have more than one answer.

· Our relationships drive our success.

· When I go to work I try to bring my best-self with me.

· Leadership is truly about influencing outcomes.

· It makes me sad to realize very few professional athletes have any foundation of knowledge for managing their money.

· The best leaders I’ve encountered are outstanding listeners.

· Don’t be afraid of what you don’t know, but be concerned.

· Each of us would be a lot better off, if we mastered the ability to place ourselves in the shoes of others.

· It’s a wise person who constantly questions assumptions, opinions, and orthodoxies.  Too often these are presented as facts.

· A college student asked me to provide him with some “unusual advice” – my response was “Develop a curious mindset”.

· One of my fondest childhood memories is when my mom give me my first pair of Converse “Chuck Taylor” sneakers.  I was the happiest kid alive.

· In my opinion, Nike is a company built on conflict.

· Yes, it’s true – one summer during the 1960’s I worked as a chauffeur for Wilt Chamberlain – The Greatest NBA Player

· Should you ever find yourself in Kansas City, be certain to visit the Negro League Baseball Museum.  You will love every minute you spend there.

· If I were graduating from college this summer, my next career move would be to join the Peace Corps.  This would be my first attempt at becoming a Global Citizen.

· Always plant a lot flowers on the way up, because you will have to pick them on the way down.

· Coaches are merchants of hope…

· Quote: “George, the problem with them is they spend too much time stepping over nickels, to get to pennies.”

· Many roads can lead to the same destinations.

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