Inside Coach Rav’s Head

· If all of the various beauty products truly work, why are there not more beautiful people?

· Today’s technology allow each of us to create our own worlds…

· Never be afraid to distance yourself from an individual(s) who is not having a positive impact on your life.

· Do me a huge favor, for the next 10 days, complete at one random act of kindness, each day.

· Human Motion… We are either moving forward, standing still, or moving backward.

· Welcome reasonable criticism, it’s a marvelous source of learning.

· Are you living your best life?

· Over the course of my life, one of my best friends has been failure.

· Silence is a form of approval.

· Often in life we allow words to get in the way of facts.

· For me, it’s a most enjoyable experience to discover the limits of my knowledge and energy.

· My friend Jay Hoover reminds me that “The ultimate luxury goods are freedomtimemoney… and privacy…”

· In life, each of us has a specific role to play, our challenge is to define this role, embrace it, and execute it.

· In order to grow as a human being we must maintain a curiosity toward life. This means we must be constantly learning — reading — growing.

· My first coaching job was at St. Denis School, Havertown, PA… coached the 7th and 8th grade team.

· The most successful individuals I’ve encountered operate their daily lives based on a specific strategy… Isn’t it interesting that we spend more time planning our vacation, than we do our lives?

· When is the last time you told someone you loved them?

· My daily game plan… “It’s my life… Grasp it… Enjoy it… Rejoice it… and be grateful for it”

· Don’t be afraid to ask “dumb questions” everyday I ask myself… “have I asked any dumb questions today?”

· Bad decisions are usually made when people feel under pressure

· Expectations have a way of becoming reality.

· Change is about the present and the future, not the past. There is no end to change.

· We must talk to each other, not at each other…

· Something you did not know about me. I once was a Golden Glove boxer.

· Everyday I grapple with these questions- “Who am I?”, “What am I capable of doing?”, and “Why am I on Earth?”

· I believe the biggest challenge of 2012 is sorting through the opportunities available.

· Today’s chaos is tomorrow’s opportunity.

· The most important decisions we will make are not the things that we do, but the things we decide not to do…

· One of my goals for 2012 is to make this year 15% more extraordinary.

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