Inside Coach Rav’s Head

· With each passing day we encounter less normal people.

· Being old is much more fun than I expected it to be.

· Meaningful progress…half of the basketball coaches in the Southeast Conference are African American.

· Critical factors that influence our success, listening, learning and sharing experiences.

· Be present in the moment, but be a long term thinker.

· On a daily basis we must feed our body – mind – soul.

· Despite how frequently our use of emails… I truly believe greatness will not be achieved by their use. Never devalue the importance of “FACE TIME.”

· Humor is a free ride to happiness.

· Before I die, It is my desire to visit the grave sites of Malcolm X, James Baldwin, Louis Armstrong, Jackie Robinson, Jessse Owens, Wilt Chamberlain and Thurgood Marshall. I wish to kneel before their graves and utter two words – “Thank you.”

· Many of us defined success as it relates to money, power and fame. I view success as being the best possible “You” that you can be.

· Athletics has reached the position where the lines between winning and losing are totally blurred.

· For me, intelligence starts with this expression, “I don’t know, I need help.”

· Hope is a refusal to give-up.

· Did you know that a 65 year old man has a 20% chance of living until age 90? And yes, a 65 year old woman has a 32% chance of living until 90.

· Yes, grandma said this, “There are a lot more horse assess in the world, than there are horses. Don’t you love it?

· “Mind Game” Questions – “If you don’t know black, how would you know white?… If you don’t know big, how would you know small? If you don’t know weak, how would you know strong? Lastly, if you don’t know poor, how would you know rich?”

· Respect yourself; you have the right to be on earth and you have important work to do.

· Everybody wants to be paid, but not everybody want to do the work.

· Someone asked me the other day, “What do you think is the greatest danger in the world today?” My response was, “Indifference.”

· Most of life’s greatest achievements were done against a background of jeers…with individuals saying it couldn’t be done. Each of us must be stubbornly persistent to win.

· Find out what it is that you have to give the world and then give it with your heart, soul, mind and strength.

· Some people get up in the morning and they check the “obituary column” in the newspaper. If they don’t find their names listed they head off to work.

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