Kingsway Regional High School Honors George Raveling


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Below is the link to the performance on stage and George’s speech at Kingsway Regional High School. Truly an amazing day for everyone involved. Enjoy!


I have a very talented student who chose George Raveling for his Leadership Project. After researching Coach for 3 days, he chose to write this song/ poem instead of a paper. He performed it during Coach’s visit last week, enjoy!

Unraveling George Rave

Born to be a leader, meant to be a teacher, inspired an ethic that was the birth of believers.
Started in DC, 1937, built a bridge for a youth to Villanova heaven.
But first set his standard as a stud at Hoban heights, before he went to shine in that Nova blue & white.
At the time color was more than a cover, it was the pain and fear hidden in every mother.
The fuel to every quarrel, it was a battle in the streets, and the divide between the same empty seat.
The second man ever of race to play, at Nova and more, they’ve come such a long way.
The meeting of Warren Wilson built a 2 -man team, this led to the two discovering the dream.
August 29 in 1963, one simple speech, the world didn’t know what could be.
At the end of King’s words, all he did was ask… because now George Rave has a piece of the past.
He tucked it inside his book from Harry Truman, and from there civil rights started its movement.
Times began to change and George Rave began his reign, passing along a virtue that will never be the same.
From Maryland to Washington, both giving light, from Iowa to USC, a man on his flight.
Coaching & winning, teaching & praising, one man cherishing the light that needs saving.
In a world of animosity, scoured with trepidation, George Rave patiently knew what he was facing.
Of course he could coach, Olympics with Jordan, but there was a greater message that sat much more important.
A Joe Lapchick character award
Rewarded for his war against a world that was tore,
And then the pure ethic he infused into Nike, he was the bull behind Mikey & a Nike God – no Aphrodite,
Now Hall of Fame and a legend of the game, International Director giving growth that’s not tamed.
He still holds the speech that made us all parallel, under the cloud of equality as if a spell.
Of pure peace that was growing deep inside our hearts. Martin Luther King died but he shines in the dark. And George Rave will hold that key regardless of price, because the greater purpose is what defined his life. It’s not the full court press, or the inbounds play, that will define George on his last day.
It’s the will to succeed that he tattooed on us all, the fight to climb when your body says fall.
I’ve never met George Rave but even as a stranger, from knowing his story, he lived as a savior.

He once said “one journey in life is about learning and growing every day, in every way”

Thank you George Raveling for leading the way.

Pj Crescenzo