Life Lessons Week of April 16

[highlight2]Updated – (Week of April 16th)[/highlight2]
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[li]Patience, in the face of ambiguity, helps us avoid brash decisions driven by our emotions instead of intellects. We must use time to our advantage and temper our tendency to act too quickly.[/li]
[li]It’s only when things go wrong that we are able to see what’s truly going on beneath the surface.[/li]
[li]Gauge the worth of an idea on whether or not anyone else is enthusiastic about owning it.[/li]
[li]If you question your team’s dedication; take a closer look at the chemistry.[/li]
[li]Projects that encounter or end with failure have great value, but only if we can recognize it and reap the benefits.[/li]
[li]The uncharted path is the only road to something new.[/li]
[li]Everyday, allocate sufficient time for “Deep thought“.[/li]
[li]Besides being the leader, you need to be a teacher.[/li]


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