Our Resident Poets


By Kenji Williams

Look at yourself and you will see
There is NO difference
between you and me,we’re mind
Positioned to improve our lives
Nurturing “thoughts positive”
Our Spirits “survive” the onslaught
Of negative while reaching
Our Goal,this takes courage
We must be bold,continue to
Fight until you achieve it


By Kenji Williams

Respect your teammates abilities
They have something to offer too
Collectively you’re of one mindset
And this will see you through
Teamwork is the key,as you make
Your plays,unity of purpose
Will ensure your Winning Ways.


By Kenji Williams

Practice makes “perfect” it’s
Unquestionably true,the success
You Achive depends solely
Upon you, the time,the effort
You put in each day, you can
Rest assured there will be no
Delay of that which you desire
You’ve worked so hard for
You ‘ve hit “one hundred ”
A Perfect Score!

Go For The Goal

By Kenji Williams

Go for the goal
give it your best shot
Winner You Are,
Loser You’re Not

You’re better now
than you were before,
dribbling with intensity
as you run the floor,

swerving with Purpose
As you take to the air
You look around
there’s no one There,

you ” slam the ball”
while In flight
the buzzer goes off
A victory’s in sight,

the fans Respond
with an “earth shaking roar”
they love what they’ve just Seen
though it’s been done before

Apply this “strategy”
in all you Do,
you’ll soon realize
the Victor Is You!

Hoop Dream

By Kenji Williams

Keep your dreams Alive hope
For the best,focus and time
Will ensure the rest,your life’s
Progressive you’re learning
Some skills while preparing
Yourself for those inevitable
Spills,Dreams do come true
So go with the flow they will
Arrive ” right on time”
Neither ” too fast or slow ”
If you don’t get what you
Expect to receive don’t
Give Up,Continue to Believe
What’s meant for You
You’ll Definitely Achieve!

The Good Fight

By Kenji Williams

Your challenge is to improve each day,
and live your life in “your” special Way,
you lead with your ‘left’,
then Your ‘right’,
you’ve “knocked adversity” out of sight,
your mind’s Refreshed,
your spirit’s on high You “jump for joy” towards the sky”
You’ve won the battle to your “delight”
You’ve won because you’ve fought
” The Good Fight.”


By Kenji Williams

You Are indeed Original
For Nothing in Life’s the same
If you Fail in This Life,you have
No one else to Blame
So meet the Challenges. Before you
Knowing You ‘Will’ Succeed
With this Positive mindset
Success you’ll certainly achieve
Flowing like a river,it’s current
Strong and swift,Awe inspiring
Life Force,has given Your soul a Lift!

Now Is All You Have

By Kenji Williams

Live in the moment,
enjoy the game,
you’re down a few points,
no time for shame,
drive to the goal,
with a dunk in sight,
deliver that dunk with all your might,
mission accomplished
You’ve earned some rest,
you should feel great,
you’re one of the best
Continue to develop each day you live
You’ll Inspire others as you Give!

Timing Is Everything

By Kenji Williams

You ‘re hereby empowered to Do what you Best do, no others can do it
Exactly like You, it’s your time to Shine with the brilliance of a Star,
Your work ethic’s shown Near and Afar,no time to waste , be productive
Each day,don’t do it like others,
“Just Do It” Your Way!


By Kenji Williams

Inclusion’s a basic human desire
a need to be wanted sparks a passionate flame of lifegiving
Warmth from our Internal Fire
We perform the”impossible”
When “Duty Calls”while rising
From the “Depths”of Life’s
Conclusion not ME but WE.

Kenji Williams Archive


By Darryl Goodner

It was sometime ago, it seems to me, when I first heard about the ‘J’.

It was in the days of the A.B.A., when I knew we had been sent a man of ‘spectacular play‘.

A friend had asked for money;

After considering, I said: “Alright! I’ll lend ya!

He told me he was going to see the hometown team,

the Kentucky Colonels play Virginia!

Well it was no luck on the home front that night.

Dr. Julius Erving played the game so ‘near perfect’

that the crowd collapsed into fright!

He was leaping, and twisting, and walking on airwaves. People had never seen such a sight!

Soothsayers in the crowd elaborated: “For him to do all of this, his frame of mind must be right!

In my hometown, we had seen great players come, almost in every season.

But Julius blew our minds without ‘rhyme or reason’!

Everybody left the place looking like a zombie. The African couple was mesmerized!

When ‘the good doctor’ dunked over five people, the couple hollered: “Harambe!”

No doubt about it! The die-hard fans had been spooked!

A fellow who might have been of English descent cried out: “Gadzooks!”

Dr, J would perform surgery on the tallest player! He could be hemmed in a corner, explode,

And make something out of nothing!

On the next play, he would do the same thing…..from the other side of the court, just to let you know he wasn’t bluffing!

What really caught my eye about this ‘physician’, was an altercation that happened on the court,

stemming from a battle that was being hard-fought.

You expect a player of his caliber not to be a pushover, and a slouch.

But Julius, having the magnificent sense of sportsmanship, strolled down the court, grabbed a seat on the ball and sat down.

Even the cameras caught his act!

Everyone praised him for keeping his ‘cool’ intact!

If I was a kid, I would pattern my play after him. There has never been a more worthier athlete. On the court or off it!

Dr. J, the spirit of your game will go on forever! It will never quit!

Darryl Goodner Archive