Listen, Learn

That statement is “true”
It applies not just to “others”
But also to you
When Coach says “be patient, concise
It should be
“Incumbent” upon “you”
To take the advice

Coach is there

Because he knows “The Game”

His “desire to win”

And yours is the “Same”
So listen and Learn

Take the advice

You are the “Winner”

Isn’t that nice?

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Kenji Williams

Kenji Williams

Kenji Williams was born and raised in Southern California. At the age of 13, Kenji as a paper boy, would wake in the middle of the night to prepare his newspapers for the morning route. While preparing the newspapers he would have many philosophical thoughts about life and would ask and answer himself in rhymes. Through rose-coloured glasses he saw the world and how it could be. That everyone was created for a divine purpose and that we should live life positively and without regrets. After intensely studying Buddhism and Eastern philosophies, “The Power of Positive Thinking” fostered and enhanced his mindset. “The law of ’cause and effect’, by your thought processes and the things you do you create your reality.” Kenji Williams
Kenji Williams

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