Nobody asked me about the NBA, but…

This is a great idea by the NBA: get scientific with injury prediction and injury prevention … which may be the same thing! I used to joke: “An injury is the body’s way of sending a message to the mind that the body needs a rest.” My way of saying the athlete may be tired or stressed out or hurt and that can lead to an injury … or a more serious injury. I actually became fairly good at preventing injuries, as a coach, but that was simply because I was worried about them all the time.

I’m like the proverbial broken record on this one: cut down on the number of games and the NBA will cut down on injuries. My ideas: (a) cut the regular season from 82 games, way too many, to 60 or less; (b) cut the games from 48′ to 40′; cut playoff series to 3-of-5. Money? Look, the NBA invented money! They print it up in their basement in their spare time! They store it in shoe boxes in the attic! They are geniuses at making money! Don’t worry about the NBA.

Jerry West just added another major accomplishment to his resume: his Golden State Warriors just signed no less than Kevin Durant. His advice has already helped GSW: (a) launch Steph Curry; (b) keep Klay Thompson; (c) draft Draymond Green; (d) win the NBA title last year; (e) win an NBA record 73 regular season games this year; (f) make the NBA Finals this year. Correctly, Mark Heisler asks why the Lakers don’t bring him back. Oh, right, that makes too much sense.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver may, indeed, benefit from the GSW signing Kevin Durant. The man keeps a low profile, flies under the radar, measures out his words and knows what he is doing. Of course, the guy never listens to anything I say! You know, like cutting down games! But, they had Steph Curry worn down in the Finals, a little big banged up. Listen, does anyone out there have Adam Silver’s cell phone? We need to talk!