Olympia Milan Hall of Fame

This year, my old club, Olympia Milan, inducted two more people, both players: Ferdinando Gentile and Franco Boselli. They are the 34th and 35th people elected to the OHOF. I’ve done profiles on the first 33 and have sent those … about a year or so ago. I just wanted you to know that I will send the profiles on both, in English, over the weekend: ‘Nando’ Gentile on Saturday; Franco Boselli on Sunday. So, a little bit different from my usual e-mails.

If I am elected to a Hall of Fame, I try to repay that HOF by doing profiles on the inductees. Well, I didn’t do that for the Illinois Basketball HOF because there are too many inductees. But, I’ve done this for my Evanston High School AHOF, for the Italian Basketball HOF and for the Olympia Milan HOF. I try to include an ‘article’ on each inductee, stats when possible, and photos … and that’s the hardest thing of all.

I know both men in the first person. I had the difficult task of coaching against Gentile when I had Olympia Milan and he was with Juve Caserta. We edged them in the finals in 1986 and 1987 but he was a package. Then, I had the great honor to coach Franco ‘The Baron’ Boselli all 9 years I had Olympia Milan, 1978-87. To say I loved being his coach is an understatement. I never had a more coachable player. That’s next! D