Well, this pretty much does it: the U. North Carolina sham course scandal has TIME Magazine down its throat. Of course, I shouldn’t say this but I have a question: Does anyone think this sort of thing is limited to North Carolina in Chapel Hill? Please. You know where this sort of thing does NOT go on? The Ivy League! The Service Academies. NCAA Division III. NCAA Division II … and I hope I’m right on that. How many schools are there in D-I? You say 120? Fine. How many of that 120 don’t do what UNC was doing?

Student-Athlete. I hope I never hear that term used, ever again, by anyone. Not by the TV announcers, not by the coaches, not by the press, not by Athletic Directors, not by college presidents …. did I forget anyone? These people are not students, they are athletes, period. But, you know what? It was two former UNC athletes, basketball player Rashad McCants and football player William McAdoo, that blew the lid off this thing. Know why? They realized they’d been cheated out of a true college education; and that it was premeditated and hypocritical. And they are suing UNC over this.

I hate to see the NCAA take hits on this. I grew up with the NCAA and I’m hopelessly attached to it. But I’m also one of their critics … hopefully in a positive way. I keep saying they must get out of Indianapolis and into New York City, where things happen. They must get out of the enforcement business, as that only costs time, money and people. They must forget the ‘Death Penalty,’ as that is a no-no, as the SMU outcome has shown. They must forget about the nits and the gnats and begin taking on the lions and the tigers. They need to home on on the real problems.

What problems? AAU Basketball. Game Fixing … and this goes on as we speak … and it will be the end of college sports. Drugs. In fact, put them all together: AAU, fix, drugs. I know a former college coach that told me: “My biggest fear was that some pusher would run into my point guard at an AAU game and get him started on drugs, and then tell him he could pay off his debt by fixing a game.” Start there. Get law enforcement involved. In fact, the law will be HAPPY to help. Then, if you have sham courses, no bowl games and no NCAA Tournament for five years. Start there.