Urban Meyer And Ohio State

Urban Meyer might leave Ohio State for the NFL? Please. Unless the man has suddenly been overcome by insanity, that is not going to happen. He would truly be out of his mind to leave Ohio State for some down-and-out franchise in the NFL. Money? Please. The man has enough to support his family and all of their children and grandchildren for the next seven generations. He’s not in it for the money; he’s in it to win and win big.

As I’ve said before, I do not warm up to the guy. But I cannot deny he is the best coach in college football today. He has won everywhere he has coached: Bowling Green (17-6); Utah (22-2); Florida (65-15 and two national titles); Ohio State (38-3 and one national title. If you are doing the math, that’s 142-26. That’s an .845 WL%. Some say he’s a hypocrite. That may be but his every move is scrutinized in detail by the media. Some say he ran up the score on Oregon. That may be but he’s not out there to win the ‘Nice Guy Award.’ The guy is a natural-born killer.

So, I hope he NEVER leaves Ohio State for any other job. Why? Because I’m a Big 10 fan and he just put our conference back where it used to be: On top and don’t get in our way or you’ll get hurt. He has forced the hand of every school in the Big 10. And, some coaches have bailed out and gone elsewhere. It’s now the survival of the fittest. Michigan got that message and went out and signed Jim Harbaugh as their coach and as their anti-Meyer guy. Other Big 10 schools will have to up their level in a hurry if they don’t want to look like a Pop Warner team vs. Ohio State.

So, Urban Meyer has raised the bar in our league. He is 24-0 in the Big 10 in the regular season while at Ohio State, going 8-0, 8-0, 8-0. He lost the Big 10 playoff last year, to Michigan State. So, make that 24-1. This is like telling a high jumper, “You won the conference last year at 7-0 but our rival just brought in a guy that can clear 7-3.” That will get that high jumper doing double rations of plyometrics in a hurry. So, if the Big 10 is back on top (and I never thought that would happen again), it owes a vote of thanks to Urban Meyer. I can live with that.