Where Do We Go From Here?

It’s the question of mystery
Throughout man’s history
But the answer’s so very easy to find,
just “relax” awhile,
It’ll flow through your mind.
To prompt its emergence, there
must be a resurgence of events
gone past, of impressions that did
“Last”. For what we’ve become is
the result of past deeds
and the kind of nurturing we’ve
given our “Thought Seeds”.
Were they thoughts “Constructive”
or thoughts “Destructive”?
Let’s review our lives now and we’ll
have few leads. Where Do We Go
From Here Today? The answer is
“Really” not far away.
For only you can take charge
of “This” life and rid your
soul of all personal strife.
You must forge ahead with
“Vigorous Zest” expecting to
accomplish only life’s “Best”
Do all you can do, the
very best you can
realizing you’re part of this
“Great Master Plan.”
Now, I can’t tell you what
to say or do, I can only suggest
it’s up to “You!” Going forward,
“Where Will You Go From Here?”