10 Realities of Life I Value Most at 81


Each of us must be on a personal journey to find something in life that emotionally connects and inspires our spirit. Do not wait until you are older to become wiser. Do not expect to be chosen. Choose yourself every single day. Transfer your mind from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

Each day perform like your life depends on it while not allowing the opinions of others to drown out your inner voice. Success is “continuously improving who you are, how you live, how you serve and how you relate.” Learn to accept, embrace and make peace with life’s many changes and challenges. This transcending act alone will make life easier, allowing us to become wiser in the discovery.

Residing in your comfort zone lessens the chances of something remarkable, magical, and the impossible from happening. Mind management is much more crucial than time management. Learning to conquer your doubts and fears is the beginning of everlasting transformation and sustainable growth.

Unfortunately, many of us give up our curiosity too soon. You are not your failures. You are not your past. Small actions compound. Every successful person I have encountered had a perseverance story to share. The obstacle is the way. There will always be light at the end of the lesson. You have to stay the course. Keep searching and persevering. What stands in the way becomes the way!

I wish to share with you ten realities of life I value most at eighty-one years old.

1. Health – Seek new experiences, learn new skills, open new doors, and create new ideas. Striving to get 1% better each day physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually inspires you to educate your mind, body, and soul in an innovative way that improves clarity and activates sustainable personal growth.

2. Books – Read daily with an open heart. Books can take you on a journey of growth and awareness. The unique opportunity to discover endless possibilities lies in the power of books. Reading enables you to use your eyes and mind in an entirely new, expansive and creative manner.

3. Relationships – All relationships have a shelf life. Relationships are the most valuable and value-creating resource of any society. Your fundamental responsibility is to remove barriers and to create opportunities where people can thrive.

4. Truth – Life is about the imperfections, not about changing the perfect. Find something bigger than yourself and get in touch with it every single day.

5. Change – Learn to view change as a gift that you can give yourself. You should welcome change and its positive growth opportunities. Let go of everything that does not make your better.

6. Storytelling – Your voice matter. Your words matter. Share your voice and share your words. Embrace and tell your story every day. If you organize information in narration, people are more likely to learn it. Use stories to empower those you lead while stretching their outer limits.

7. Authenticity – Stay true to your personal standards. Do not sacrifice them to appease your critics. If you are not careful, you can develop an addiction to the applause.

8. Learning – Never let age define your life. Seek more profound wisdom. The real act of discovery consists not in finding new lands, but in seeing with new eyes.

9. Kindness – Carry someone across the bridge of life. One of the greatest things about life is the opportunity to serve. To help someone else become a better person, you have to work consistently to become a better person yourself.

10. Time – Time is your most valuable asset and precious commodity. One which you have less of with each passing day. Each evening examine and reflect on your day, your thoughts, your behavior as well as your actions.

10 Realities of Life I Value Most at 81
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10 Realities of Life I Value Most at 81
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