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  • Early Deaths For NBA Big Men
    Here we have something scary: a number of former NBA big men have recently died at a rather young age. Just this year, 6’11” (and packing a lot of weight) Darryl Dawkins died at the age of 58; and 6’10” Moses Malone (also a wide body) died at the age of 60. I find this […]
    Dan Peterson - October 5, 2015

Our Resident Poet

  • Communicate
    We all desire to be understood And it’s only natural that we should This gives credence to what we believe Our purpose for living and what we can achieve Express yourself, make yourself clear Do it with confidence, omitting all fear Of reprisals from other’s opinions and such They want understanding just as much Our […]
    Kenji Williams - September 8, 2015

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