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My ultimate job is to give an opinion. Everybody's got an opinion, leaders are paid to make decisions. - Bill Walsh

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  • Bill Belichick & Deflategate
    No, I don’t know Bill Belichick, though I saw him several times in 1965-66, when I was Plebe Basketball Coach at the U.S. Naval Academy and his father, Steve Belichick, was on the football staff with head coach Bill Elias, a group which also included TV star Lee Corso. Bill was a 13-year old kid […]
    Dan Peterson - January 21, 2015

Our Resident Poet

  • Conflict
    A powerful unsettling word It’s resolution’s the sweetest Thing you’ve ever heard Whether at work or at play When it’s over, it makes your day Listen “objectively,” and you will see There is no “real” conflict Between You and Me Just a “difference of Opinion” And that’s Ok Release your “frustration” Toss it away Get […]
    Kenji Williams - January 7, 2015

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