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  • Nobody asked me about J. R. Smith, but … Influences
    Mercifully, this will end my semi-in-depth analysis of J. R. Smith of the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers. Well, he played for them last season but may be on the free agent market right now, evidently refusing a nice offer of roughly $6,000,000. This is where I feel you see the root of one of the problems […]
    Dan Peterson - September 1, 2015

Our Resident Poet

  • Inclusion
    Inclusion’s a basic human desire a need to be wanted sparks a passionate flame of lifegiving Warmth from our Internal Fire We perform the”impossible” When “Duty Calls”while rising From the “Depths”of Life’s Pitfalls Conclusion not ME but WE.
    Kenji Williams - September 1, 2015

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You have to value today, and visualize tomorrow, if you want to be successful.