Coach Raveling is curious and passionate, and maintains an insatiable passion about people, places and things. Having had many incredible life experiences and counting some of the most successful and brilliant people in the world amongst his closest friends, Coach Raveling has learned and continues to learn life lessons that can transform your personal and professional life. Coach Raveling makes it a point to write down the best ideas he sees, thinks, or hears each day- from ideas, to humor to health, and relationships.Following are Coach Raveling’s life lessons for the week. Enjoy the journey!

Life Lessons of the Week

Updated – (Week of July 29th)

  • The dream is free, the journey is expensive.
  • Coaches need to bring expectations down to the level of what is within the players capacity to achieve!
  • Sometimes you have to ignore the critics who say it can’t be done, then take a leap of faith!
  • I’ve found it best not to tell people ‘what to do’ but what I would do!
  • Those who pursue the line of resistance will reach their full potential.