You Don’t Need A Title To Make A Difference

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Every day when I step out of bed I present myself with two unique opportunities and decisions to make. I can be “Happy” or I can be “Very Happy.”

Based on which feeling I select I will allow that attitude to guide me throughout the day with a positive growth mindset. No matter what life throws at me during the day I relentlessly focus on allowing that optimistic attitude to prevail.

Where ever you are in this world, we each share a common bond with one another. That bond is leadership and the ability to be a positive difference maker in the life of another person.

It is my considered belief that the world, our communities, institutions, and corporations are in need of more sterling, creative, courageous and servant leadership.

These are challenging and difficult times confronting our humanity. But amid such darkness and uncertainty, we as leaders must be that beacon of hope and belief producing strength, solutions, and strategic answers. Let each of us recognize and enthusiastically embrace our leadership responsibilities, realizing deeply that we do not need a title to be a leader. If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader!

We must never lose sight of the fact that at the core of leadership is self-leadership. Sometimes in life, the most important person we will ever get to lead is ourselves. All great leadership finds its origin in self-leadership. The reality is this if you cannot lead yourself how in the world can you expect to be an effective and transformative leader of others?

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Thus to truly lead and make a positive difference in our communities, institutions, and organizations we must always begin with ourselves. Every single day we are presented with 86,400 seconds of unique opportunity to lead ourselves and others…but to lead we must.

When it comes to leadership there is no finish line. Leadership is not merely a destination but a powerful journey of change, growth, and discovery. It is our tasks to emotionally connect, inspire, educate, nurture and transform those we lead. Each of us is in the business of giving those we lead the opportunity to grow, to dream, to prosper, and to be more than they ever believed they could be.

The really effective and influential leaders consistently strive for a full day of excellent and sustainable achievement. They focus on three areas of concerns…

1)The value they create.
2)The ideas they generate.
3)The problems they solve.

The time is now, to act. To choose between being happy or very happy every morning and to practice the powerful and transformative essence of being a positive difference maker in our living.

We must embrace authentic leadership and exercise it on a daily basis. Our humanity needs servant and courageous leadership more than ever before.

Our world needs you to make that significant and lasting difference. Because when we make the world better for others, we make it better for ourselves.

You Don’t Need A Title To Make A Difference
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You Don’t Need A Title To Make A Difference
Every day when I step out of bed I present myself with two unique opportunities and decisions to make. I can be "Happy" or I can be "Very Happy."
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Coaching For Success
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