2012 NBA Draft Team Report Card

Milwaukee Bucks
I think the Bucks had a great draft. Before the draft they acquired Samuel
Delembert from the Rockets and then with their first round pick selected John
Henson. Henson slipped a liitle bit in the draft because of his lack of strength, but
as we all know players get stronger once they are in the NBA for a couple of years.
Henson gives them another boost to their frontcourt as well as a rebounding and
shot blocking presence down the road. In the second round with the 42nd pick
Doron Lamb was a great get. A Jodie Meeks type player that can make shots as
well as play on the ball. Lamb could be a potential starter down the line in the

Cleveland Cavaliers
People question the Waiters pick. I think its like having two point guards in your
lineup. Hes a tough kid that can guard people and create offense off of the dribble.
Not a shooter, but his stroke isn’t broken. His passing ability takes him to another
level. I like his ability. Zeller gives them a skilled player up front that can not only
rebound and protect the paint, but can score on the block. They need a low block
scorer as Thompson and Varejao are energy guys and not post scorers.

New Orleans Hornets
The Hornets got better with all 3 picks. Davis is an obvious franchise changer with
his ability to impact the game on both ends of the floor. He will give the Hornets a
true franchise player to build around for a long time. His activity level on both
ends of the floor to go with his developing offensive game will give the Hornets a
player that can take them into the playoffs in the next couple of years time. Rivers
is a less athletic Randy Foye, a pick and roll scorer that can space the floor and
make shots. I would have taken Kendall Marshall here, but he’ll be a good pick and
roll partner with Davis. Darius Miller is an underrated talent. He can make shots
and be a spot up wing player that they can play around Davis. Solid draft for the

Detroit Pistons
I really like what Detroit did here. They took a gamble on Drummond, but if they
can get their coaches into him early and develop him just to give an effort and run
the floor every night I think he can be an all-star talent. Drummond could be a top
7 center in the NBA without question, or he can be Eric Dampier. Hard to say right
now but at 9 he was a steal. Middleton and English are both perimeter players with
some talent. Solid second round selections with a potential all star with their first
selection. Good night of work.

Washington Wizards
I think Washington has done some good things improving the character of their
roster. By bringing in Ariza and Okafor it gives them some solid veterans to go to
war with. Ariza and Okafor aren’t great players but they are serviceable players
that can stabilize their team. Bradley Beal is an Eric Gordon type of talent that can
give them perimeter scoring and another high character young asset that will
being value to their roster. Tomas is another good asset that they can keep
overseas and bring over or at some point throw in a trade that can being them
another asset down the road.

Boston Celtics
Danny Ainge had a great draft for the Celtics. In the spots in which they drafted I
thought the Celtics got better. Not only did they get better Sullinger was a top top
projected pick until reports of his red flagged back surfaced. I like Sullinger as I
think he’s a better Glenn Davis. He can rebound at the NBA level. Will struggle on
defense, but can set screens and rebound. His shooting is good enough to make
that 12-15 foot jumper. Melo gives them a project to develop that can protect the
paint. Not an offensive player at this point, but can be a good player for Boston
down the road. I like Joseph and had him top 40 on my board. He can make shots
and has some athletic ability. I think he has a good chance to make that team.
Portland Maine will sure be busy this year.

Houston Rockets
Well they didn’t do what I thought they would and stockpile bigmen in the draft.
They drafted Jeremy Lamb, which was a good pick. At some point they need to
replace Kevin Martin, and I think Lamb can be that player. Martin is a volume
scorer and makes a ton of money, by having Lamb who can give them just as
much talent on the floor down the road in his career is a good pick. I thjought they
would go with Zeller with their second pick ,but went with the missing link Royce
White. I love White’s passing and abilty to break defenders down off of the dribble.
He’s a tough kid and is an upgrade from Marcus Morris. Jones gives them yet
another athlete that they can eventually play at both forward positions. He’s a
better version of Hakim Warrick. Good draft here.

Phoenix Suns
Great draft for the Suns. They will most likely lose Steve Nash this summer and
needed to acquire a point guard. Marshall is the best true point guard in this draft
and will fit in to the Suns plans. This will enable them to play uptempo and pick
and roll basketball. Marshall is the type of guard to get his teammates easy shots.
HIs ability to get in the lane and kick to open players will get the Suns easy shots
and improve their offense. Obviously, Marshall is not Nash, but he’s a very good
point guard that they can develop into a very good starting PG.

Oklahoma City Thunder
Got to give it to Sam Presti. He stole a potential borderline all-star player in Perry
Jones. With the 28th pick there is very little pressure for Jones to perform. He can
be a Rashard Lewis type of talent if the Thunder staff can develop Jones to his full
potential. Jones has an issue showing up every night, but they can take their time
developing him since they are in no rush fro him to contribute. Good draft here for
the Thunder

Charlotte Bobcats
I like what Charlotte did with their two picks. I think with Gilchrest they get better.
He adds toughness and athletic ability. His perimeter offense is a non factor but
they get a Gerald Wallace type of player on a rookie contract. I think he’s a great
get there and a safe pick. Jeff Taylor gives them a solid wing player that can guard
people and make shots. I like the direction that they are going with this draft. Much
better than how they drafted last season with Walker and Biyombo.

Golden State Warriors
I thought Golden State did a good job. Harrison Barnes as projected was available
at 7, which they capitalized on. I think he will develop into a very good wing scorer
in time. His size and ability to make shots as well as put the ball on the floor make
him a very good prospect. I think he can become Jay Richardson at some point of
his career. I’m not a fan of Ezeli but he is a big body and takes up space. Green
was a great pick at 35 a solid player that can make shots and play two forward
positions. I think hes a little small to play 4, but can be Ryan Gomes. Don’t know
anything about Kuzmic.

Memphis Grizzlies
Only one pick for the Grizzlies and I thought it was very good. Wroten gives them
another defender that can also get in the lane and make plays. He’s a non shooter,
but can be a second unit defender and a back up guard for Michael Connolly.
Tough hard nosed player here at 25. I think the Grizzlies got better.

Sacramento Kings
The Kings needed a high charecter work horse to pu in the frontcourt. His energy
and toughness will impact the Kings. I don’t think he’s an all-star but a very good
starting power forward with his ability to rebound the ball and play hard inside. On
the offensive end he is lacking, but can develop. Robinson reminds me of a better
Brandon Bass type who can be a borderline double digit rebounder in the NBA.
His lack of true size and offense will cap his development, but he is a solid get at 5
for the Kings

Orlando Magic
In his first draft running a team, Rob Hennigan did a solid job drafting a potential
double digit scorer on the block in Nicholson. There is no doubt about his talent to
score with his back to the basket or facing up. His energy level could be better, but
Nicholson had no issues getting up for big games. I like him as a rotation big man
that can score. O’Quinn was a good get at 49 with his toughness. He may not
make the roster, but he’ll go down fighting. I liked his presence and he plays hard.
With their other big men on the roster unless they make moves it will be tough for
him. Good draft for Hennigan and the Magic

Atlanta Hawks
Atlanta had a safe pick with John Jenkins. I think he adds shooting and skill to
their perimeter. I think Jenkins can space the floor and give Horford more room.
He’s a smart player that can make shots. He can’t guard people or advance the ball
in the paint on the dribble but he can make deep shots, run him off screens.etc.
With Scott if he makes the team can give them a little toughness. Solid draft by
Danny Ferry and co.

Portland Trailblazers
Not a fan of Portland’s picks here. I thought that they should have taken a chance
at Drummond at 6. Lillard is a good player that can score on the ball and make
shots, but he’s not a true point guard and in my opinion will be an above average
PG in the NBA. At 12 they drafted Leonard who is a project within himself. Leonard
can be a Jeff Foster type player, which there is noting wrong with that but they
missed the opportunity of drafting a potential all-star in Drummond and then
getting a true PG in Marshall at 12. I think both Lillard and Leonard are good
players, but they missed the opportunity to draft two players that can be difference
makers at the next level. Barton and Taylor have a chance to make the roster as
they were good college players. Barton can be a good scorer off the bench and
Taylor can develop into a solid backup PG.

Philadelphia 76ers
I’m not a big fan of Harkless because of his lack of a true position. Some say he
can play full time at the small forward position, but I think it will be a
developmental project there. He is an athlete and can put the ball on the floor and
has athletic ability. Harkless is a talent, but I thought with Sullinger and Zeller on
the board they could have gotten a better player up front but he can workout here.
Moultrie gives them length and size upfront. He is a big man that doesn’t like to
post up and likes to shoot jumpshots from the perimeter. He does run the floor
and has good length and athletic ability to get to those 50-50 balls. Solid draft for

Denver Nuggets
Fournier is a nice piece. I dont know if they will keep the player overseas or bring
him over. Miller gives them a Matt Barnes type of player and I don’t know much
about their third selection. I think Miller will make their team and will provide some
help down the line. I dont see him getting in a game as Hamilton will get minutes
this year from the second unit. I see Miller in the D League a lot next year.

Indiana Pacers
Two solid picks here. Nothing special but could have gotten themselves two solid
NBA players. Plumlee gives them a Paul Grant type of player. A hard nosed big
man that can run the floor, set screens, and rebound. He’s nothing special, but can
be serviceable at the center positions for Indiana. I like Johnson, good size and
can make shots. I thought they would go with Lamb, but traded the Kings to get
Johnson. I like Johnson and think he was a first round talent.

Chicago Bulls
The Bulls with their only pick of the draft selected Marquis Teague. I thought they
had better players on the board, although Teague can guard people and if he
learns to play with two speeds can be a very good player. I dont think he’ll ever be
a point guard. I see him as an Avery Bradley, a shooting guard in a point guard’s
body. He can add a change of pace player that can have some impact. Decent

San Antonio Spurs
You never can discount a Spurs draft pick. They only had the 59th pick and took a
solid player in Denmon. Unless there is a lot of turnover on the Spurs roster I dont
see Denmon getting in the rotation for the SPurs anytime soon.

Dallas Mavericks
I’m not sure what they were doing here, but Cunningham gives them a tough
player in the backcourt. I like his toughness and versatility. Won’t have an impact
on them, but could be a player that develops down the line. The other 3 may not
make the team, although I don’t know how many players they will loose to free
agency. James gives them a tough big man that can mix it up in the paint and set
screens. Crowder is a good player

Minnesota Timberwolves
The Timberwolves traded out of the first round as they acquired Chase Budinger
from the Houston Rockets. The Wolves will only have one year until they have to
decide whether to extend Budinger or not where they could have drafted at their
original spot and acquired a younger player and had 4 years of a rookie contract.
Budinger at this point is better than Wes Johnson and is an upgrade from what
they had at the wing. Robbie Hummel is a solid player with an injury history, but at
58 its not much of a gamble.

New Jersey Nets
Don’t know much about Karaman. The 57th pick could be a good player down the

Los Angeles Lakers
Solid players with both picks. I dont know if they can make their roster, but Odom
does give them toughness. Sacre is a big body, but don’t see him making a dent in
their lineup. Looks as though at best Sacre can be in the D League for the
Defenders. I think Odom can make the Lakers roster with his toughness

New York Knicks
Don’t know much about Papanikolaou, but it could be a player that can help the
Knicks in the future.

Utah Jazz
The Jazz did not have a first round pick and drafted Kevin Murphy with their only
selection in the second round. It will be tough for Murphy to make the roster, but
he is a big guard that can score.

Los Angeles Clippers
Can’t even give them a grade as I’ve never seen this kid play. They only had the
53rd pick available.

Miami Heat
Traded their draft choice to the Sixers

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