22 Ways To Think Smarter

1. Learn something new every day
2. Be an information collector
3. Challenge the status quo
4. Be intellectually curious
5. Welcome criticism
6. Secure and keep a mentor
7. Be receptive to new ways of thinking, learning, doing
8. Learn, explore and experiments in new environments
9. Surround yourself with intelligent people
10. Make each day a day of “search and discover”
11. Listen to learn…learn to listen
12. Challenge all assumptions and opinions
13. Walk in other peoples shoes
14. Discover what you don’t know, but need to know
15. Enhance your problem solving abilities
16. Read from a book at least 30 minutes every day
17. Welcome change into your life
18. Become a Global Citizen
19. Have a passion for finding different ways of doing things
20. Ask smart questions
21. Be in the idea business
22. Fail Fast – Fail Forward