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Hoops Rules: Fast Break – Use The Lines

As I’ve said before, as a basketball coach, I was a ‘slave to simplicity.’ I was always concerned about giving the team too much information, too many plays, too much to remember under pressure. Many of the teams I coached had just one play: McKendree JVs, Navy Plebes, two of my five teams at Delaware, […]

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Hoops Rules – Big Men: Catch the Ball

If there is one thing that drives basketball coaches crazy, it’s seeing the ball passed into their team’s center and then watching that center lose the ball because he cannot catch an incoming pass in traffic. This destroys the confidence of the big man’s teammates to pass the ball to him. So, the big man […]

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50 Great American Authors

They defined Elmore Leonard as a writer of ‘crime fiction.’ True, but it no more covers the man than only saying Michael Jordan played off guard for the Chicago Bulls. He was more than a writer … he was a craftsman. That’s because he had rules. No. 1, for example: “Never open a book with […]

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You don't win games as a coach during games, you win games as a coach before games. Players win during games, not coaches. - Red Auerbach