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Slices of Italy: Wine

There is no way I can explain Italian wine in 20 lines. Impossible. First of all, I’m an abstainer, so I don’t drink wine, though friends insist it’s as much


Tanking & the NBA Draft

I touched on the NBA and ‘tanking’, briefly, in a ‘Nobody’ blog a while back, with five one-line comments. This problem has the NBA worried sick. The last thing they


No One Asked Me About the NBA, but…

1. Luke Walton, LA Lakers, is my early pick for NBA Coach of the Year. 2. Gregg Popovich, coach San Antonio Spurs, loses Tim Duncan … keeps winning! 3. There is no defense for Steph Curry, Golden State Warriors, just hoping he misses. 4. I underrated the LA Clippers; they are leading the Western Division […]

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Nobody asked me about Wilt Chamberlain, but …

In this piece by one Scott Harris, he says, more or less, that 7’2″ Wilt Chamberlain would be irrelevant in today’s game of basketball because centers are no longer important. Of course, if 6’11” Andre Jordan of the LA Clippers, quite similar to Chamberlain for athleticism, can play today … well, trust me, Wilt could […]

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