13 Things A Director of Basketball Operations aka DOBO Has To Do


A bad Director of Basketball Operations can hurt a program faster and longer than a bad assistant coach can. Former head coach at a High Major basketball program told that statement to me. The more I thought about it the more I began to agree with him. So the statement really got me to thinking, the converse must be also being true. A good Director of Basketball Operations can help a program quicker and longer than a good assistant.

In this blog I want to touch on what I feel are the major characteristics that make up a really good Director of Basketball Operations.

The DOBO has to:
1. Have thick skin and ability to handle prickly situation with aplomb.
2. Be a self motivated and self directed learner
3. Be able to manage a lot of things at one time (Juggle a lot of balls)
4. Be able to anticipate the needs of the head coach while managing the head coaches schedule
5. Be a great communicator
6. Be very well organized
7. Be able to put out fires
8. Be extremely loyal
9. Be detail oriented and task completed driven
10. Be skilled in budget management, technologically savvy & a people person
11. Be a liaison between the coaching staff, the athletic administration, admissions, compliance, academic support, dining services, sports information, ticket office etc.
12. Be able to oversee and manage the support staff (Video Coordinator, Graduate Assistants and managers).
13. Have a good relationship with the players as well.

The Director of Basketball Operation position is such a broad scoping position that head coaches are starting to view and use the position differently. Some coaches chose to hire more of a basketball minded person in the position so that the head coach can lean on their coaching experience. While other coaches are hiring DOBO’s with no basketball experience because they bring the all-important administrative and technological skills to the position. Either way the Head Coach is selecting the DOBO because they fit their needs for their program.

In conclusion, the DOBO is a “glue guy” He really holds the staff together. A good DOBO allows the staff to be free to “Coach” every aspect of the program. If he has the urgency and drive needed in the profession, he can really help with all matters related to the program. Having the mentality of “no job is too big or too small” has to be the mindset at all times. When you look at successful programs you know they have a quality Director of Basketball Operations (DOBO).

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