Make 2012 Your Year

As we began the New Year, many of us will make promises to ourselves to improve our lives. We’ll determine exactly where we are, and where we want to be in the next twelve months. Yes, it’s that time of year when we take inventory of what goals have and haven’t been accomplished during the last year. To examine our past there are two inventories we must take.
First, you need to assess your external “[color]personal world[/color]” and look at what types of influences affected your life. For instance, have you been involved in relationships that provide love, support and encouragement, or have you been surrounded with individuals who are negative, critical and destructive? Relationships will either stagnate or motivate you in achieving the reality you envision.
Secondly, explore and look inward to determine what images and thoughts have dominated your mind. Your daily thoughts and images are important in determining your success or failure as individuals. These images and thoughts can either challenge or prevent you from taking charge of your life and accomplishing your goals. Many people are unaware of how the images they internally rehearse day after day impact their lives. For example, successful people spend a significant amount of time envisioning their success, while people who fear success are often preoccupied with thoughts of failure. It’s critical to understand that positive and negative images impact ones’ drive, energy and motivation.
By expecting the best, you shape your experiences and realize your desires. Once you have conducted the inventories, you’re ready to move forward and establish realistic goals, creating and building your success. Establishing goals allows you to measure your growth and personal development.
Goal Setting: Take some time to think about your life. What do you want to accomplish this New Year? What aspirations do you have concerning your career, relationships and personal life? Determine how you will maintain your focus in achieving your goals. Be specific and consider the following:
[color]Career Goals[/color]
Assess how you can influence change in your career. Do you have the desire for advancement or additional responsibilities in your current position? Is your goal to increase your earning potential? Is it time to improve your education opportunities to reach your goals? Are you ready to start your own business?
[color]Personal Goals[/color]
Are you happy in your personal life? What do you want to change most? Do you want to improve your self confidence or assertiveness? Would you like to learn effective ways of reducing the stress and conflict in your life? Do you want to increase your knowledge and cultural awareness?
How do you plan to seek out the individuals who will provide the support you need to achieve your personal and career goals? Do you desire to have healthier relationships and more effective communication with family members, friends and co-workers? Are you ready for a more intimate and meaningful relationship?
As you begin to form your goals, write down all the thoughts that come to mind without questioning their importance. Prioritize your list and establish a timeframe realistically needed to achieve them. Which ones can be achieved in two months and which ones are longer term goals? Now, determine the “small steps” you need to take to reach your goals. By reducing your goals to a series of small manageable steps, you’ll decrease the anxiety and frustrations often experienced in achieving new challenges and experience the success you desire.
Goal setting allows dreams to become reality. With a positive and encouraging support system and success-oriented thoughts, you can significantly increase your chances of achieving your 2012 goals. Every New Year offers a time of new beginnings and the opportunity to create the life you desire. Take advantage of it. Seize this moment in time!

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