Nobody asked me about the 2016 Olympics in Brazil, but…

As this article indicates, there is a small possibility that the 2016 Olympic Games, just three months away, might not be held in Brazil, which was awarded the 2016 Games by the IOC, International Olympic Committee, several years ago. As most knowledgable people know when the IOC awarded the 2016 Olympics to Brazil, they took a huge risk. Two reasons: (a) economic instability; (b) political instability. Other than that … Brazil would have been an excellent choice.

If I were the IOC, I’d be talking to the Chinese government and the Chinese Olympic Committee, as they hosted the Olympics in 2008 and have the same structures in place. I’d ask them: “Could you be ready to host the 2016 Olympics in three months?” If they say yes … and I have no doubt they would say yes … then I would have this as a contingency plan, ready to implement immediately. I’d tell Brazil: “You don’t have three months. You have six weeks. If you are not ready in six weeks, we’re shifting the Games to China.”

There are certain places that can host the Olympics any time. Take North America; The USA did a beautiful job with Los Angeles (1984) and Atlanta (1996), plus Lake Placid (Winter 1980) and Salt Lake City (Winter 2002); Canada did a great job with Montreal (1976) plus Vancouver (1976 Winter and 2010 Winter) and Calgary (1988 Winter); Mexico did a fine job with Mexico City (1968). Take Oceania: Australia did a superb job with Melbourne (1956) and Sydney (2000). European nations have done a fine job every time, with no exceptions.

Italy is a candidate to host the 2024 Olympics in Rome. Yes, Italy is in the throes of an economic down, as is every other European nation. But I have no doubt that Italy would do a first-class job with the 2024 Games, as they did with the 1960 Olympics, in Rome. They did a marvelous job with the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin and have hosted other huge events, like the 1990 World Cup. That said, all eyes are on Brazil right now. I’m pretty sure the IOC wishes it could have a do-over on that decision, which is looking shakier by the day.