Steph Curry vs. Allen Iverson


With Steph Curry’s recent run of excellence, the comparisons against some of the best to ever play in the backcourt are beginning to pour in.

Alejandro Danois, a guest columnist for since its launch, argues with his colleague at The Shadow League, J.R. Gamble, that he’d pick Curry over Allen Iverson if he was forced to choose between the two. Gamble begs to differ, siding with The Answer.

Here are some snippets from their debate:

J.R. Gamble – “There has never been a more charismatic, captivating, enigmatic, rebellious, polarizing, sympathetic and inspirational NBA performer than Allen Iverson. While Stephen Curry has ascended to a place Iverson once owned in the NBA, matching him in many areas a player: scoring explosiveness, flair, even killer instinct at times, the diminutive Iverson is something of a folk hero. The young, black, hardwood magician-millionaire on his Robin Hood hysterics.

Curry has distanced himself from his peers — past and present — as a prolific shooter. Everything has come together at the right time for the kid from Davidson, who nobody gave a shot to ever become the NBA’s best player. His work ethic, incomparable shooting skill and the deeply talented team he anchors as well as his crystal clean image and the media rush to crown him the game’s best, has lifted him to a visibility that Iverson once enjoyed, but he’s not ever going to be recognized as the all-out titan and gladiator that A.I. was.

Iverson won four scoring titles and single-handedly led Philly to an NBA Finals against a dynasty Lakers team featuring Kobe and Shaq in the 2000-01 season and he gave the NBA 33 points per game in an entire 22-game playoff series.”

Alejandro Danois – “You will not find another individual who appreciates Allen Iverson’s game more than me. Let’s square that away off the bat.

Allen Iverson transcended basketball to become a counter-culture icon. His irresistible authenticity and hood sensibilities fused with perhaps the illest crossover ever to make him one of the most charismatic figures to ever cross the threshold of our national sporting consciousness.

As fantastic as Allen Iverson was, he never approached the level where people were using the “M-words” to describe him. Those words, for those that don’t know, would be Michael Jordan. As much of an outlier as Iverson was, basketball has never seen anything quite like Chef Curry and the deliciousness that’s he’s been cooking up.

Like Wilt, Bill Russell and Oscar Roberston, Steph is challenging all our preconceived notions about what is possible on a basketball court.

And to top it all off, he owns a championship ring, something Iverson’s team’s were never able to achieve.”

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