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We’re all in the running Each with a different quest The challenge of winning Inspires us to do our best We carry the torch of sharing a prayer for all


Listen, Learn

That statement is “true” It applies not just to “others” But also to you When Coach says “be patient, concise It should be “Incumbent” upon “you” To take the advice



United we stand,divided we fall This is a fact,the truth of it all We must think in harmony, Develop a plan,to nurture all Species including that of Man All Life responds in positive ways World Peace be upon US the rest Of our Days!

Reason Being

There’s a reason we share this space All together,the human race to learn Life’s lessons from a Master Plan Upon this earth, heaven’s land Knowing that peace begins Within our souls which never ends This world is now a better place Because we’re ONE,THE HUMAN RACE!

Drill Drill Drill

Repetition is persistence, Persistence meets resistance You’ll “Win”if this mindset’s Applied, it will not work however, If it’s never tried! “JUST DO IT”!

Lane Change

Often in life we must change lanes To reveal life’s purpose on higher Planes,the “journey’s great,” Inviting too,it’s for everyone Including You, enjoy the drive But realize roadblocks ahead It’s no surprise,they’re part Of life’s journey as we continue To travel,the complexities of Life continually unravel, Our destination’s clearly in sight It’s validation,”our lane changes” […]

Keep It Moving

Motion’s the key, you’ll go from here to where you want to be Don’t stop now, you’re ever so near Can’t you see it?,your pathway’s clear All life’s in perpetual motion.from the Clouds,the trees,the wind,the ocean So set your groove, it’s your pace You have no one else but you to face Be proud,be happy,you […]


A look internally,what do you see? A “creative process” which longs to be free,to foster hope and a peaceful Plan to reach the heavens, the souls Of Man,that he must live in harmony Within himself which sets him free To make this world a better place For me for you, the “human race”!


IT’S already done, it can be said Manifestation begins in one’s head What you see is what you get Nothing in life has changed this fact Yet,so be aware of what you say Or do, results are always returned To You!


We’re all in the running Each with a different quest The challenge of winning Inspires us to do our best We carry the torch of sharing a prayer for all mankind of giving and of caring as we cross the finish line The thing that matters most Is Not the Winning, but the Fact that […]


We all desire to be understood And it’s only natural that we should This gives credence to what we believe Our purpose for living and what we can achieve Express yourself, make yourself clear Do it with confidence, omitting all fear Of reprisals from other’s opinions and such They want understanding just as much Our […]


Inclusion’s a basic human desire a need to be wanted sparks a passionate flame of lifegiving Warmth from our Internal Fire We perform the”impossible” When “Duty Calls”while rising From the “Depths”of Life’s Pitfalls Conclusion not ME but WE.


Refresh yourself Take some time out Grasp your life’s meaning What it’s about Follow your heart It’s ever so “true” your life’s evolving You’re getting to know “You,” Find your Purpose Continue to explore The “Untapped Regions” Of your mind’s reservoir Enjoy your life Be “thankful” each day, Your life is “Successful” You were “Made”this […]

No Excuses

The game of “Life” Is not over yet Why make Excuses? Why do you fret? You have chances to score In this ongoing game “Win or Lose” Your Chance is the Same So give it your Best Do what you can Don’t make Excuses Just “Change” your game plan! ©2015 Kenji Williams All rights reserved

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