Life Lessons

No One Achieves Success Alone

Reflecting back to my junior year of high school while I was sitting waiting for the greyhound bus in DC, I remember thinking to myself if I can just graduate, join the Air Force and become a pilot I’ll have it made, and so from that point to now it’s kind of been like a […]

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What Keeps Coaches Awake At Night

Winning/Losing Depression Crisis Management Game Preperation Job Security Self-imposed stress Late night phone calls Criticism Academic accountabilities Lack of administrative support Personal insecurities Player performance/behavior Recruiting Disloyalty Player/Parents/Influencers Fear of the unknown Social media Decision making The unexpected System of play Players’ social life Unrealistic expectations Hand held devices (phones)

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21 Ways To Build A Meaningful Legacy

Choose serving over being served Step outside yourself and into others Actively seek excellence in all things you do Show the world something it has never seen before Be a trend setter Add value to the lives of others Engage people who challenge you rather than affirm you Systematically stretch yourself Step outside your comfort […]

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Character is the most effective means of persuasion. - Aristotle