Inside Coach Rav’s Head

· Every day that I have remaining on earth, I must take seriously my role as a teacher and student.

· Let each of us form a committee of one to help America recapture those sterling values, old fashion ideals and collaborative spirit that allowed us to become a great nation.

· Question: “Why is there an universal fear of Russia?”

· Live a life destined for greatness.

· Often, I fight an aggressive fight to protect myself from those individuals who attempt to high jack my dreams with their negatively.

· Mistakes must be forgiven.

· Try being nice to whoever is in front of you. This type of kindness will allow us to move one pebble after another.

· Sometimes good enough is not good enough.

· The longer I live, the more I’m convinced that helping others to help themselves is the most effective method to aid those in need.

· Learning is a process that has no beginning, middle or conclusion, it is life itself.

· A constant battle I fight is not to be easily satisfied. When I am, I close the door to new insights.

· We must try the impossible in order to achieve the possible.

· Looking back on my coaching career, I’m convinced coaches receive more credit than they deserve and more criticism than they deserve.

· When the plane you are on is late, the plane you want to transfer is on time.

· Friends come and go, but enemies accumulate.

· Happiness – despite what others say, has nothing to do with riches or worldly goods. Happiness is a gift people give to themselves.

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